Joy Morris
Acting coach


  • A perfect safe place for the passionate artist, to be creative and grow.

  • 5 days of intensive learning experience (Meals and Lodging included in Tuition).

This week of intense work includes:

  • The Memory Box Course

  • Instrumentals

  • Basic Acting Craft

The Memory Box Course:

  • This is a life changing experience. It helps release your “magical” child and increase creativity.

  • Explore and re-experience childhood memories.

  • Build a creative box of memories to use in your acting.

  • Playful exercises that stimulate memories.

  • Paint, paste, crayons, sculpt, stickers, write, draw, make a play, dress up. Express yourself!


  • Deals with removing emotional blocks. By practicing how to access all emotions, you will be able to express a full range of emotions whenever the director says "Action".

Basic Acting Craft:

  • Includes imaging, animals, sub-personality work, body movement, scenes and monologues.

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